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To get started send an email to and to the person you would like to share with.

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Compose Email

Compose an email as you normally would to the person(s) you want to share a document with


Send Email

Do not attach any documents, just add to the To/Cc/Bcc line of your email


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Each person listed in your email will recieve a seperate email from with their own personalized link to start sharing

What is SecureShareIt?

Email centric document sharing service

SecureShareIt is simply a file sharing service. Unlike many other file sharing services out there, SecureShareIt uses your email to start the sharing process. Compose an email as you normally do, however when you include with your email, you and all the folks in that email will recieve a personalized secure link to allow for sharing files and documents.

With SecureShareIt everyone in the email recieves a personalized secure link to their private dashboard.

When an email is sent and is including in it, the subject line of that email is used to create a ShareSpace. A ShareSpace is a virtual sharing environment created by your email. You and all the individuals in your email will have private access to this ShareSpace on their personalized SecureShareIt dashboard. The ShareSpace lets everyone know who has access to the files and allows for each individual to download the file. Additionally, the Upload box allows for the individuals of that ShareSpace to share files with one another.

About Us


We believe that security is a basic human right. In a world where privacy and security are often illusory we believe that we all deserve to be able to share our files and documents with anybody, simply, and securely.

Our mission is to allow you to share files with anybody else without disrupting the flow of what you’re doing. You shouldn’t have to login to a service and transfer files into a workspace and then manage those files in that new workspace let alone manage another login to another site.

SecureShareIt is building the world’s simplest and easiest means of securely sharing files so that you can focus on what matters most to you. You shouldn’t have to setup accounts and have to manage one more login and data in one more location in order to securely share files with others.

We believe the most elegant solutions are those that match how you do things rather than get you to change everything you do and add unnecessary complexity to your life. We believe that often times the best solutions are the most simple solutions. Simply put we created SecureShareIt to protect you and your family’s most sensitive files and data.


Number of Zeros in the uniquely generated combinations of personilized links


Uptime meeting industry standards of five nines of availability so your sharing experience never skips a beat


Years of experience in technology, security, and sophisticated business systems and wisdom to make it simpler


Layers of security points combining both industry standards and proprietary methods




Technology needs to work with you, not against you. Life is complex enough. We need help to protect ourselves but it MUST BE SIMPLE. We have developed a service that makes protecting your private documents as simple as sending an email.


Security and privacy is a serious matter. Too often convenience comes with the cost of giving up security. We take cross-industry measures to ensure you are able to share your files securely and conveniently.


Just making something more secure isn't enough. Smart security also factors in the human element to make security transparent to the user. We have designed technology to maximize the balance of secuirty and convenience.


Sharing should not be limited. Ability to share with any person on the planet regardless number of files or size of files is an important feature.

Technology is prevalent in everyones lives whether we choose to accept it or not. With technology the onset of digital data and its intersection with every aspect of our existence continues to transform our lives for better or for worse. A consequence of accessibility has promoted privacy to the forefront of an important topic to not just be educated in such but to develop an awareness . Our entire lives have been digitized and it only takes a simple misstep or temptation to not protect it. Unfortunately once the data is compromised there is no taking it back in the digital world. The protection of our privacy is our responsibility. Though many companies provide services and tools to protect your privacy there is a singular reason why it fails for the average user: its just too complicated.

SecureShareIt solves the complexity of trying to send a document or file securely to another person by allowing you to use the same tool you use daily: Email. Just send an email to and to the person with whom you want to share a document.  That's it! SecureShareIt will email you and the person you want to share a document with a link. Next simply click the link you received to upload the file. The recipient (the person with whom you are sharing) clicks the link they received in order to access the document.

Advanced passwordless technology is used to secure your files on our encrypted servers. One of the core concepts used to secure the files is generating a link that is so unique that there are 5.3 unidecillion combinations (a unidecillion is one followed by 36 zeros which is more than the number of grains of sand on planet Earth). Another core concept used is advanced fingerprinting of user access to each link. The combination of these two security concepts in addition to several other proprietary techniques ensures the maximum level of security with a minimal level of complexity.

Frequently Asked Questions

I signed up, now what?

SecureShareIt uses your existing workflow of using email. The difference is instead of attaching your file to your email when sharing, you send an email to and to the person you want to share the file. Both of you will get a personalized link where you can drag and drop your file to have it shared with the other person.

How do I Sign-In? I didn't set a password.

SecureShareIt uses passwordless technology. Don't let the word "passwordless" fool you. You access is secured through several layers of security and protected without a unique personalized link that is sent to your email box. There is no need to memorize or write down a password. Simpled click the Sign-In button and enter in your email address. You will immediately receive a unique link that will immediately log you into your account securely.

Why do I need to send an email to

SecureShareIt has an automated bot that takes your request to share with someone once you send an email to . You can place in the To: or CC: or Bcc lines of your email. When you send an email to your recipient and you included, our bot will automatically create uniquely links for you and your recpients to start your share.

Do I need to signup, register, or provide a credit card to use

Nope! You do not need to signup, register nor provide a credit card to use! Hard to believe its true, well try it out now! Compose a new email add your friends email telling them you are going to share something with them. Don't forget to add to that email. Send your email and wait for secureshareit to send you and your friend a personalized link. With this personalized link you can drag and drop your file securely and your friend will be ABSOLUTELY to securely access it.

How can you provide your service for free? Are you selling my information?

Excellent question! Nothing comes for free. Rest assure our free service will never sell or share your personal information. We pay for the service as a marketing expense since we strongly believe 1) Security is a basic human right and 2) you and others will spread the word of our service and find our other service tiers of great value.

Where are my files stored and how long do you keep them?

SecureShareIt uses tier one cloud service providers and on top of their services we add our propritary technology to further secure our systems. Your filesize are stored temporarily securely on these systems. We completely erase and delete any files uploaded using our service at the end of 10 days when your sharespace expires or when you click to delete the file. Once your sharespace expires or you click to detelete the file there is no method of recovery by SecureShareIt.

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